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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  October 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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. now at 4:30, an airport scare hazmat crews at hopkins overni >> and two weeks before the election. here is all the proof you need that ohio matters. there are five campaign stops just today. one is in an area that hasn't seen a planet since jfk . >> they beat us tonight because they just played better than us tonight. >> it is all even. but it is just one game. the cubs beat the tribe in the series.
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where both teams will feel the weight of baseball history on friday. let's show you what the roads look like this friday. it is a wet morning. the roads are slick out there. let's check with meteorologist jon rudder. >> yes. we were talking about how different the roads could be with the rain coming downment let's show you what is happening around -- dune. happening around metro cleveland. heavier rain in the sandusky and mansfield area will cruise our way in the next hour to hour-and-a-half. more rain will be coming in as the morning commute continues this morning. none of this severe at all but it could still cause issues on the roadways. make no mistake about it. the same thing in northeast ohio, the hours will taper off as the day goes on. we will look at that again in
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let's check out the roads with kristin. let's start with a traffic alert this morning. a pretty bad crash closing down west 140th street south of lorain. a van and car collided. the back of the car is smashed in and the van is still in the middle of the road. we are still working to figure out the condition of the drivers. again, west 140th south of lorain closed. and see the blue here along the lakeshore, indicating we may be dealing with ponding. 90 east the right lane closed until 6:00 a.m. the odot view at 71 and west 117th street, not a lot of company coming up but it is slick. breaking news into the live desk overnight, hazmat crews were called out to a fuel spill
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airport officials telling us it happened during a maintenance check. fuel was leaking. hazmat came this to get things under control. it is not clear how much fuel spilled but the situation is resolved. it was so cold, i tried to go to the bathroom in the 4th inning and i could not. that tells you enough. [ laughing ] >> the indians manager terry francona trying to shake off loss with a little humor. >> shake it on, shake it off, baby. the tribing fall to the cub -- the tribes fall to the cubs, but it is just one game. >> they move to the cub's hometown, wrigley field. nick foley is there. they are not stressing about dropping game two. >> reporter: no, they are not.
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be easy. the cubs had is best record in the regular season. obviously terry francona saying he won't sweat this loss because sometimes you just have to give credit to the other guys. unbeaten in their first two appearances but not to be last night. the cubs catching up with trevor bauer and the rest of the tribe walking nine cubs hitters. the indians only able to get one measly hit. that won't get it done, but as francona said after the game, it is just one game. >> you do the best you can and try to win the game. that is what we always do. they beat us tonight. it wasn't because somebody had a bad finger. you know? they just played better. >> reporter: so now this series moves to chicago with both
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because i love statistics, here is one for you. in a world series the teams that are one and one, the team that goes on to win game 3 goes on to win the world series 65% of the time so game three will be pretty pivotal in chicago. >> good stuff, nick. well, northeast is getting so much attention with online two weeks to go until election day. both sides of the ticket will be in our area. sarah phinney is live where donald trump will speak tonight. good morning, sarah. >> reporter: good morning, jackie. local republican officials say this is the first presidential candidate since jfk was here since 1950. officials are here and they are setting up right now. donald trump is making three
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then toledo and then geneva. it is at the spire institute track & field building, a national and international building. trump's opponent will be in north carolina with first lady michelle obama today. but hillary clinton's running mate, senator tim kaine, will be in northeast ohio. he got into town a little early, attending th this picture was supposed, just two tribe fans handing out in the cle from 12:15 to 2:15 teays will be at lorain -- kaine will be at the high school. sarah phinney, newschannel5. we want to get to an update on the deadly robbery at mr.
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old was killed. this is the suspect, de'veon perry. he agreed to life in prison without pa to avoid -- without parole to avoid death. watch as these three guys at a cvs who rob it end up running for their life. they started taking cell phones grab. the store owner turned the tables on them. >> he was going to blast them, all three of them. i had the perfect shot. my pistol got a beam on it. i am not going to miss. the one with the gun, the biggest chicken, ran away when he seen me coming after him. >> the owner never fired his gun. he feared a customer could be caught in the cross fire. police are looking at the surveillance you see here and are looking for the robbers.
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checking the colors on the leaves? be careful if you head to the park to do that. a team of crooks is breaking into cars at the metroparks. man broke into a minivan at the scenic o'neill woods. a woman's purse was stolen. the thief came from one car while the others acted as a lookout. there were six other smash-and- grabs that day, as well. still ahead, there is no secret, in the computer and science fields. are they not interested? or is something else happening? >> and a pilot shows up to work reeking of booze. what he did next is just
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it is 20 away from 5:00. good thursday morning. tracking the rain. look to the north and northeast. what you see here is fall snowing in some areas. temperatures are warm enough to keep this as a cold rain in our area. the showers will continue in the morning. the temperatures are slowly warming up. check this out, 56 by 9:00. the rain should taper later on this afternoon. as you head out this morning, make sure you have the rain bo need it. kristin? >> thank you, jd. well, we are wet out there. give yourself plenty of time before you head to work. we have a closure along the shoreway. it starts tomorrow night. more on that coming up. >> kristin, thank you. let's get to brand new numbers coming into the live desk this morning highlighting the gender divide in math and science. a new study finds women are still underrepresented in high
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and only earn 9% of bachelor's degrees in engineering. the study putting the blame on teachers. researchers shows past and present when boys and girl had the same ratings, the skills of girls compared to boys was still underrated. it is 4:42. have you seen the video of this yet? donald trump's star on the "hollywood walk of fame" boken into bits. we have video causing all the damage. >> then a crafty cub's fan toys with our game two pitcher. the gift trevor bauer got from
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it is 4:44. these will live images showing the devastation left by two strong earthquakes in italy.
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hit by a 6.1 tremor a few hours later. the emergency crews are working all through the night to rescue people. they are having a tough time because of bad weather there. dozens are hurt. there is a loft damage. these quakes hit 40-miles back in august. >> tough to see that. another video of the donald trump star on the "hollywood walk of fame" being shamed. a crew had a se man protest. you see that? he was dressed up like a construction worker and used a sledgehammer and pickaxe to destroy the sidewalk symbol early yesterday morning. he spent five minutes trying to pry the star from the sidewalk. it is now in the process of being fixed. crews installed new brass and will pour it today. it will take several days to polish, though. so far the man has not been
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one senate candidate is not going down without a fight. you just saw it there. the third party candidate, marilyn crass at a senate debate, margaret flowers, who hopped on stage before it started demanding to be part of it. her competitors stood quietly right next to her. flowers was not included in the debate because she the 15% polling requirement set by organizers. the four people killed at a theme park will be honored. it will be reopened, calling it memorial day. proceeds will go to the australian red cross in memory of the victims. investigators are looking for security video to see if the accident could have been prevented. an airline pilot suspended for trying to fly a plane while
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the sky west flight from delta was headed to utah. the pilot smelled of alcohol as soon as he arrived at work at 8:00 a.m. he was in the cockpit going over pre-flight preparations when police hauled him off the plane. his blood alcohol level level was over the legal limit of .04. the pilot is on administrative leave right now as delta investigators. let's get a check of the forecast with jon the snow. it is not that far away. just the rain showers causing issues on some of the roadways this morning. if you are up bright and early, give yourself extra time and space. cleveland metro is what i will call on the drier side. notice to the west and southwest, watch your screen here, from lorain to wellington, here comes another batch of showers in the next half hour to 45 minutes.
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from the south akron-canton, new nilly, spotty showers there and the wooster area. moderate pitter patter of the rain on the side of the windows. nothing too terribly heavy but it could cause ponding on the roadways. in new haven moderate to heavy rainfall. that, too, will slide north- northeast impacting the greater cleveland metro area in the next hour to hour-and-a- half. ashtabula down to the campaign area and chardon, as well, a few shame payne area and the chardon area, as well, a few more showers there in that northeast area. a few of the rainfall amounts, mentor half an inch of rainfall picked up in the last 24 hours. almost the same value in avon at the middle school on the weather bug network. some folks picking up good
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by-hour. warmer at the lunch hour versus 6:00 this evening. it will be feeling cooler with a west breeze at 10 to 25 miles per hour. high temperatures will happen primarily around the lunch hour falling back through the end of the day. i will give you a peek of the seven-day forecast. lots to talk about as we head to the weekend. saturday looks fantastic, 74 for a day time high. the browns host the jets on it won't be too cold in the stands. maybe a morning shower then for halloween monday a high of 63. >> thank you, jd. let's head to the maps and talk about the slick highways. for the most part we are looking at the drive times. you can see the green noting we are wet and blue along the shoreway. we may be dealing with ponding along the lakeshore. at least on the east side. in cleveland on west 140th,
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we will let you know as soon as that area reopened. in the meantime you can take west 117th to 90. and 90 east at east 9th street, that right lane will be closed until 6:00 a.m. let's check the odot cameras. at least for the most part the highways are okay. give yourself extra time. i will have another traffic check coming up in a few minutes. thicky vaughn looks a little -- ricky vaughn looks a little different? he aged a bit. well, charlie sheen didn't throw out the first pitch like he wanted to. he did the next best thing, posing as his very famous
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so fun! he says he will dress at ricky vaughn maybe for halloween. he still wants to go to a game one time. remember the other famous movie "rookie of the year," he says he is going to a cub's game and says he was a better pitcher than ricky vaughn. >> love it! well, it may be the only thing that was able to rattle the indians >> a drone. >> yes. one cubs fan yesterday was hoping to get under trevor's skin before his game two start. decided to send him a present, and, yes, that is a drone. bauer responded with this photo on twitter saying i see cubs fans love me! how nice of them to send me a gift! [ laughing ] >> they should have opened the
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of the. well, going to the world series game is a dream come true for so many tribe fans. >> for one northeast ohio teacher his students made that dream come true for him. he has been a teacher at the high school for go decades and a lifelong tribe's fan. when the indians made the world series one of his former students decided gage had to go. he set up enough money to get him a ticket. we caught up with gage right before he went into progressive for last night's game. >> i am very thankful. something like this let's you know your life has had genuine meeting and we have been able to do something for other people. certainly i never expected anything like this in return. >> that is awesome. that is a guy that made a true impact on his students. along with donations, former
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left notes about how he has inspired him over the years. >> so many stories like that inside progressive. i like that for sure. i am jackie fernandez. >> and i am terrence lee. coming up, problems down south creating big issues for local workers. >> plus, upset over their city's halloween tradition, what a group of 4th graders demand from the mayor of brook park. street as it opens today.
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skyrocketing special event parking prices during the world series are hurting downtown workers big time. some say they simply don't make enough to cover the cost. they are actually losing money by reporting to work. it is forcing many downtown workers to get a ride or take public transportation to keep their jobs profitable. now they are asking the mayor -- or they are asking for
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them a discount. well, today young voters will take to the streets of one northeast ohio community. >> 4th graders from brook park memorial grade school will march to brook park city hall at 10:00 this morning. they will try to persuade the brook park mayor to extended trick-or-treat from half an hour instead of 6:00 to >> i like that. a bold heist in the middle of the night. we are seeing where lines of produce are left empty. >> and ladies, you are working longer for less pay. the amount of time you spent at the office compared to your male co-workers.
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now on 5, break-ins in broad daylight. what you onto he had to watch out for if you are heading to the metropark. >> and breaking here at the live desk, a scare at cleveland hopkins international airport, a frontier airlines plane leaking fuel right at the gate. hazmat and firefighters called in. they are not clear how much fuel spilled but the situation is solved. and our overnight news tracker spotted shell casings all over the road. we will let you know about this story including how bad two people were hurt coming up. let's take a live look outside. right now we are dealing with the type of weather that makes you want to stay in bed and


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